ForceSave options not writing back to hard file right away

Something I have noticed and I don’t understand why it is happening.

We have the ForceSave option enabled because we want it to hard save the docx file as soon as they hit the save button. This seems to work for only a few days and then it becomes where when they hit the save button, it does not immediately create the file. Instead the file is created some time after, in some cases up to 15 minutes after the save was initiated.

Why is this happening?

Hello @chundley
is this topic related to your other described scenario of saving unedited files? If not, please provide us with details on the situation, you can record a video file with description.


Thanks for replying. No this is not related to my other post, this is different.

Here is a video recording of the process and issue with descriptions being typed as it is happening.

It will not let me upload the video here in this thread, your system says it is too big, yet the filesize is actually smaller than what your system specifies. So here is a link to it.

Hello @chundley
Thank you for the video file!
First of all, please note that ‘All changes saved’ pop-up message in the editor bottom line means that changes have been passed to Document server cache and database. This is a part of logic of Document server work and it is not related to ForceSave feature work. You can simply check it. Open a file, type a few words and wait for a second, this pop-up message will appear shortly. Here’s @Nikolas post with description: Is there an indicator of whether the current doc has been saved (or not)? - #2 by Nikolas

I believe that the situation is related to ForceSave parameter: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Saving File
Could you please check out that it works as expected and you get status 1 when a user clicks Save button? ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Callback handler

By the way, I’ve noticed that you are using commercial license. If so, it’s better contact us via Zendesk to get prompt replies.