Footnote handling in two (mutli?) column layout

I think I found a bug…

OS version: Windows 10 Enterprise
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors Version (x64)

I’m just testing OnlyOffice if it fits our needs for replacing M$ Office.
What did I do?
I created a textdocument with dummytext (2000 words; 15 paragraphs).
I marked the second paragraph to re-layout in two coloumns.
I mark one word and want to insert a footnote.

What I expected?
A footnote will appear next to the marked word and I can enter a text for the footnote at bottom of the page.

What happened?
The text of the right column was appended to the left column (right column still exists in layout), after the paragraph a page-break was inserted (rest of the page was left blank) and I can enter a text next to bottom of the (nearly blank) page.

I’m sorry that I have to say that M$ Word handles this as expected.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong but I did the same steps in M$ Word…

Thanks for havong a look into it.

Hi @AdS

Was this the result you were trying to get?

  • I put a continuous section break after the first paragraph.
  • Then as you said, marked the second paragraph as two column, which effects the rest of the document.
  • Once I inserted a footnote in the second paragraph, the footer entry appeared as expected, and I was able to type into it.

Did you do anything different to that?

Obviously the blue boxes floating around pointing at things was something that I added for illustrative purposes.

Hi @DavidRGreen,

I just want to have only the second paragraph having a two-column layout.

Footnote in the two-column-layout is not working … :frowning:

Ah. I see where you are going now.
And I can replicate the issue quite easily.

It would appear that the Footnote placed after the Continuous Section break following the second paragraph at the bottom of the page is not allowing the third and following paragraphs to flow ahead of the footnote, but instead forced to follow the footnote, thus being positioned on the following page.

The Footnote and 2nd Section break is effectively a page break.

Definitely something for the support team to address.

Yeah… your summary is correct :wink:
On top of that: the second (right) column of the two-column-layout is being integrated completely in the first column. So in the end there is one column left on the left and an empty column on the right.

Hello @AdS @DavidRGreen

If I get it correctly, the issue is that once a footnote is inserted into a two-column paragraph, it gets ‘moved’ down the page so that no other paragraph can fit the rest of the page. Can you please record a video demonstration of the issue for better visual understanding? Asking to make sure that I am correct in my assumption.

Yes, I think you got it… :wink:
Video attached

By the way: even if I insert a section break (continuous page) before setting the footnote it didn’t change the behaviour. :confused:

Thank you very much for the video.
We are checking the situation, I’ll update the thread once any news come up.

I’ like to inform you that we have registered this issue as a bug in our internal bug tracker.
We are already working on it but, unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA of the fix yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for reporting the issue.