Fonts recommendation and

I’m so happy to find out that ONLYOFFICE (desktop web) is the best Office editor for Android, since web safe fonts load properly, which allows me to create legal documents.

But I have some documents written using the font Source Sans Pro, which is available in Microsoft Word Online. The fonts have the best Il1 difference in addition to the availability. The mentioned font is currently not available in ONLYOFFICE. I hope the font will make my non-legal work become easier.

Hello @hankpham06
Please clarify what product you are using. Desktop Editors or Android app (ONLYOFFICE Documents)?

Actually, the problem appear on all versions of ONLYOFFICE, which is not good for my printing-planned note taking.

Actually, I don’t mention that Source Sans Pro is available on Google Docs since it is Google Fonts, and that platform allow adding Google Fonts. I choose to mention the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Word Online since the font is available for more than half a year, and I love the characteristic of this font family. In addition, I used my school account to use Office 365 services for most of my school projects

I clarified type of app, because you can add a new font by yourself in some products. Please check out these titles:

Please let me know if I misunderstood your request.

I forgot to mention that this only appeared in non-desktop versions of ONLYOFFICE.
But these materials worked correctly since Source Sans Pro font family is not pre-installed on Desktop system.

But these materials worked correctly since Source Sans Pro font family is not pre-installed on Desktop system.

Is the issue solved? If not, please clarify your idea.

It is not fully resolved. Specifically, it only work on native desktop since the desktop software can easily find native system. On other versions of ONLYOFFICE, it doesn’t appear, especially on the web. I wonder if this font family may be installed on other versions, so that it may help my other work, as other non-Office platform I used to write document like Notion or Stackedit don’t have correct Il1 difference

Please clarify what you mean by ‘especially on the web’. There are Docs where you can install additional fonts (links from my previous post). It is not clear for me, what kind of product you are using, but I have to know it to check the situation. Do you mean ?