Fonts load too slow

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How can I speed up font file requests? A font file of around 10MB now takes more than ten seconds, which seriously affects the speed of document opening.

@luoming Hello,
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  1. Original file with which you have slow opening issue, we will check.
  2. What is the version of installed Document Server?
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It takes several seconds to see a few megabytes font file。

version:7.5.1 Self compiled community version。
Deploy in Docker!!1
I would like to inquire about how to optimize the loading speed of this font file!!!

You can see that the larger the file, the slower the speed. A file of over ten megabytes takes more than ten seconds!!!

@luoming Please provide original file with the above-mentioned font and the file of the font itself.

Sorry, the file cannot be uploaded, it is the fonts in the onlyOffice service directory

We need the original file with this font and font file itself for further analysis.

How can I modify this HTML file to meet the requirement of loading all fonts? Currently, loading this file directly will only load some fonts. Can you please let me know how to make the modifications?
The following is the file path:

The screenshot shows the font loading situation when accessing the HTML file directly!!!

There is no way to modify the script loading mechanism.

Can you tell me the relationship between ttf files and font files, such as which font name corresponds to file 104

You can find the following file on the server: /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/sdkjs/common/AllFonts.js, there you can check the corresponding font names and their numbers