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Filter resolved comments

Typically we do not want to see resolved comments in the Comments side bar because they have been resolved. Currently we need to delete the comment to remove it from the Comments side bar but then we lose the history of resolved comments. In the side bar there are options to sort the comments and it would be to add an option to filter the comments so we only see open comments (exclude resolved comments) by default.


If you want to hide resolved comments, click the File tab on the top toolbar, select the Advanced Settings… option, uncheck the Turn on the display of the resolved comments box and click Apply. In this case, the resolved comments will be highlighted only if you click the comments icon.

Also, you can see “Managing comments” here

The issue is not about showing the resolved comment in the document. it is about hiding the resolved comments from the sidebar with all the other comments (not the highlight in the document)

We are planning to implement this feature in the future.
But cannot speak on timing right now.

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