Filter for Partial Text in a Cell

Hi there,

I’m new to ONLYOFFICE, just moving from MS Office.

I’m trying to use the FILTER Function:

In F I’m heaving cells containing:

F2 apples
F3 bananas, pears, apples
F4 bananas
F5 oranges, apples
F6 apples, bananas
F7 grapes
F8 apples

The functions works fine of course for F2 and F8, but I’d like to filter for ANY accurance of “apples”, so also F3, F5 and F6.

I tried:
=FILTER(C2:H30,F2:F30=“* apples *”) (→ without the space of course, ** tunres the formatting in here to emphasis)

but ONLYOFFICE doesn’t seem to take the *.

How can I solve this?

Thanks and kind regards

@amk1208 ,
shall work. If you count manually how many cells are with “apples”, select that number of cells and Ctrl+Shift+Enter above formula in the first cell of the selected range.

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Hi there,
thanks for taking the time! Nice workaround, this works, thanks.

Anika, you are welcome.
Unfortunately range is not expanded automatically, but we can nothing to do with that.