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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Fillable form PDF how to edit and save online

Hi, I’m new to Onlyoffice. I’ve recently set up an Onlyoffice docker on a OpenWRT host, connected to a Nextcloud docker. Everything seems to work correctly.
On my Nextcloud I have several fillable form PDF files. I would like that users could open the fillable PDFs, compile them and save directly from the browser without downloading them.
Up to now I haven’t been able to do this. I can open the PDF using the browser, I can write lines in the fillable forms, BUT i cannot save them. No saving option available. I tried to change some options in browser, using the browser itself to open PDF, open them with Onlyoffice, using Acrobat… no way. I can open and compile, but not directly save after modification. The only way is to download the files locally, modify them and upload again without using Onlyoffice. But I rather prefer to let users to modify them online.
Could you suggest me a way to reach this target? Is this possible? Thank you for your help and sorry form my poor english.

Document Server version: 7.2.0
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: docker (on OpenWRT host)
Browser version: Firefox 108.0.1 (64bit)

Hello @Triglia118

Unfortunately, PDF file format cannot be easily saved with inserted content without conversion into other file formats, which may cause different issues with end document.
To achieve desired result you can re-create your PDF files in .oform format. That way user will be able to fill out forms in the .oform document and save the resulting document in .pdf or .docx format with the content filled into the forms.

If I misunderstood your desired scenario please provide more details.

Thank you for your fast help. I tried a direct conversion from fillable PDF to .oform, unfortunately this mess up document graphics and layout. I’ll try to create a new .oform from scratch to test it, but it would be really a pain to re-create all my fillable pdf from the beginning. I hope in the future the conversion tool will be improved.

Indeed, our team works hard on making conversion between .pdf and .oform/.docxf documents better.