File->New presumes too much

Fedora 39

I frequently have multiple text documents and spreadsheet open in several tabs. I adobe this feature.

Problem: when I go to create a new document (typically text and spreadsheet) from File —> new, it presumes I want to create the same thing as the current tab. It does not give me the option of creating some else. For example, if I have a spreadsheet open and want to create a text document in a new tab, file-new presumes I want another spreadsheet. Workaround: file->open a text document, the file->new, and then close the prior text document.

Please correct this.

I have attached a screen shot of Libre Office’s method

Hello @Todd
To be honest, I’m a little bit confused by your description of File > New feature. To create a new file you need to click on the main menu and after that click on necessary file type.

There’s no File>New option in the editor itself. Please clarify if I misunderstood the situation.
By the way, we have released Desktop Editors v.8.0.1, please update the app.

That fixed it. I thought the main menu button was just an image and did not realize I could click on it. I am use to being able to create any supported format from a “new” button".

Thank you!

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