Feedback on RTL and other comments

Hello. I got excited for RTL support because I quit on it earlier when I found Arabic language extremely dysfunctional previously. I uploaded a complex .docx Arabic document in 8.0 and was surprised it rendered it near perfectly. Here are some comments

  1. There is a missing “Text Direction” button in the toolbar. This is different from text alignment. Here it is in LibreOffice.

  2. I have no idea what the button below that says “Set Text Language” does especially in multi-lingual document, but I found it lists Arabic for every country out there (ex Arabic Egypt) . This is unnecessary as Arabic is the same language for all countries and creates bloat.

  1. When using Arabic language, using the arrow keys to move the cursor , left arrow makes it go right and right arrow makes it go left. This is the opposite of the intention. Further testing , the cursor seems to jump illogically between letters and words.

  2. I find LibreOffice GUI off putting and convoluted, and is main reason why I favour OnlyOffice which has a much more polished interface and logical one but I still find the tool bar needs a little bit of color to help improve icon “legibility” .

btw, which is better , to save document as .docx or .odt to work on OnlyOffice?

macos 12.7.3
OnlyOffice 8.0

Hello @TXuser
We appreciate your feedback on RTL, even it’s beta version. We are constantly working to improve this feature. If you don’t mind we would like to contact you directly via Zendesk to collect all your suggestions and feedback and discuss them.

btw, which is better , to save document as .docx or .odt to work on OnlyOffice?

OOXML is the native format for ONLYOFFICE, it’s better to work with files in these formats (docx\pptx\xlsx).