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Feature request: Text indentation missing in spreadsheets

It seems that the buttons for Increase and Decrease Indent is missing in OnlyOffice Spreadsheets completely. I think this is a pretty important formatting function in native Excel.

Are there any plans to add that? Copy pasting an indented text from excel to OO spreadsheets does not show the indentation, but it seems the info is still stored because when exporting it, it’s present again :slight_smile:

Hi, do you mean this feature?

hmmm, I don’t have that option (and no conditional formatting). Let me see if I’m missing an update. Would be great if this is compatible with the increase/decrease indent button from excel :slight_smile:


edit: nope, doesn’t work. It does indent now which is great, but copy pasting an indented text from excel still does not work. I tried it here: Integrate Online Editors to Work with Your Documents | ONLYOFFICE


It doesn’t work the other way round either. would be great if this function would be fully compatible with excel. I’d even pay for the development of this :smiley:

Thank you for the information. However, I noticed that the indentation is not saved when copying from desktop Excel to online Excel either, so I’m not sure if this is some bug or missing feature on our side. Anyway, we will discuss the case and I will notify you about the results here.

that would be super awesome Carl! thank you!

We registered a bug about this issue in our internal tracker. Bug number is 53587.

Hi Carl, is there an update on this issue?

Hi, sorry, no news on this issue.

bummer :frowning: Can you shoot me a PM please, Carl? Seems like I can not message since my trust level is still 0 :smiley:

Hi, I have set your trust level to 1.

Hello! Glad to inform you that this issue has been resolved in the latest version of Document Server!

awesome! confirmed working. Thank you.