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Feature request - Spreadsheet : preview for choosing delimiter when importing csv

The use case is the following :
When I import a CSV file without knowing the correct delimiter (comma, semicolon, tab, etc…), I have to choose one blindly. If I choose wrong I have to delete the sheet and import the file again. It can be frustrating when it takes a few tries. (see illustration below)

This happens to me regularly (CSV exports from banks, or other websites or third party software are not consistent. Comma and semicolon are the most used delimiters in my experience but I occasionally get others as well).

Suggestion : maybe when choosing the delimiter we could have a preview of a few lines to ensure that the file is correctly parsed before clicking the ok button? But I am open to any idea that might help with this problem.


Here is the dialog for importing CSV. I have to choose the delimiter blindly because I can only see the result after clicking OK.

Here are some information in case this is only
OS version: Windows 11
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

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Hello, @rfen ! I support your idea! Although CSV is a simple TXT file and it can be preliminarily opened in a Notepad (so that one finds out which delimiter is used), it will be a lot more convenient with a preview as you suggest! The preview might help as well choose the correct encoding.

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Hello @Alfozavr and @rfen
We know about this situation and we are working on it already. The web version of the editor already has preview field for this scenario (to check out correct encoding\delimiters). Unfortunately, Desktop version of the editor doesn’t have it yet. I have collected your suggestions and I will update this thread when we have something to share.


@Alexandre I’m glad to hear this is already in the pipeline! Looking forward to your updates.

@Alfozavr thanks for the workaround, it’s still a bit cumbersome but much better than trying every possibility like I was doing.