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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Feature request - Spreadsheet - possibility to insert copied lines

In MS Excel, you have a feature that is great for improving your productivity: if you copy one or several lines, you can right-click a line number where you want to insert a copy of the lines, and then choose “insert the copied lines”.
New lines are at once created and filled with copied content.
This would be a great feature to have in OO.

Hello @arcqus

Almost the same scenario works for Desktop Editors, but only instead of Insert the Copied Lines you use Paste:
2023-03-07 11-23-13

Please elaborate if I’m misunderstanding something.

hi @Constantine
Please check what I have in mind (no need to specify where it’s from :slight_smile: :

Thank you very much for clarification.
This suggestion is registered in our internal tracker under the number 46275. This feature will be implemented in one of the future releases.

A small question : when you say it is registered, was it already in there or you added it ?

In this particular case it was already registered in our system.