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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Feature request : Spreadsheet - insert several lines at once

For now, if I’m right, you can only insert one line at a time in a spreadsheet.
One way to improve user’s efficiency would be to add the possibility to add as many lines as required at once.
One way to do this would be:

  • select x lines
  • right click the line above the selected lines and select an option labelled “insert lines”
  • x new lines would be inserted.
    This process is an idea, but there might be more inovative ways to achieve this :slight_smile:
    Thanks for considering this request.

Hello @arcqus

I think requested feature is already implemented. You can select necessary amount of rows, right-click them then press Insert row above to add new rows:
2023-03-07 12-32-57
That way new empty rows will be inserted on the place of selected ones and all other existing rows will be moved below.

My bad !
I’ve been confused by the label of the function in French which is “insert one row”, and did not went beyond this, not trying to select several lines before click the option… :sweat_smile:
In MS XLS, the label in French is “insérer des lignes”, which is plural by default.
Again, habits…

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