Feature request : Set ONLYOFFICE to OPENDOC by default instead of MS OFFICE


I used to use Libreoffice. Now I’m exploring OO, great solution !
However, I’m quite surprised to see that the default doc types are MS Office and not Opendoc. In my opinion, because the root of OO is open-source vision, it could be worthwhile to set by default opendoc in order to promote open-source vision. Or at least to have the possibility to change from MS Office type to Opendoc.
→ proposed feature request.



Hi Lionel,
Do you use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors or Document Server? If you are using the Document Server, what platform is it integrated with (Nextcloud, ownCloud etc)?

Hi Carl,
I’m using the desktop version. When you save, by default, it’s MS type.
I’ve also tested with the cloud proposed by Only office (portal). When you create a doc you don’t have the choice to specify the doc type → by Default is MS type.
For my daily works, I use to use the desktop version.
Each time I create a new doc I have to specify OD and not MS.

Best regards

Thank you for the information. OOXML formats are native for ONLYOFFICE editors, that’s why it’s the default saving format.

Thanks for your reply. I understand. That means OO is less open-source philosophy than LO because uses by default MS office docs type.

Best regards