[FEATURE REQUEST] Pivot tables: retain formatting

In a pivot table it is possible to format the cells, such as cell width. font color, etc.

However, when the pivot table is refreshed all the user-applied formatting is gone, i.e. back to default.
OS version: macOS Ventura
App version: 7.5.0 (541)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website / Other (specify)

Hello @Klaas-Vaak

Is it possible to share with a test file where we can reproduce the behavior to analyze it? Additionally, I’d be great to have video demonstration of it for better visual understanding of the problem you are referring to.

I shall give 2 screenshots of a pivot table:

  • the 1st one shows the formats I have added, like centering and no decimal places;
  • the 2nd one shows the same pivot table after pressing the Refresh button on the Pivot Table tab.

As far as I know this is expected behavior. Have you seen any editors where style remains as it is after table refresh?

Oh yes! Microsoft Excel, WPS Office spreadsheets

I’ve tested it in MS365 (online version) and it also drops down all style formatting when refreshed. Is there a setting for it? Can you provide demo?

You are asking me if there is a setting? You are a moderator, surely you know the answer to that? In any case, AFAIK there is no setting, unlike in the other 2 apps I mentioned.

I have provided 2 screenshots above: the 1st one shows a pivot table formatted by me, the 2nd shows the same pivot table after a refresh — it is clear my formatting is destroyed, i.e. it is back to default.

TBH, I don’t understand this procedure anymore. We seem to be going around in circles, I have provided all the info I can.

Sorry, but looks like there is a small misunderstanding: I was asking about those 2 apps since I did manage to reproduce the behavior with formatting reset in Microsoft 365. Additionally I’ve checked LibreOffice and OpenOffice and they do reset formatting too. That is why I am asking to provide a demo from any of those 2 given options for the reference.

Yes, I agree, LibreOffice and OpenOffice do reset, like OnlyOffice. Microsoft Excel desktop app has a setting that keeps the formatting upon refresh, and WPS Office Spreadsheets too.

So, it is possible to preserve the formatting. Are you telling me it is not possible?

Unfortunately, I do not have either Excel desktop nor WPS Office. BTW, neither of those 2 are open source.

Can you provide links to documentation on this setting so we can check it out?

Excel & Google Sheets

Cannot find a similar tutorial for WPS Office Spreadsheets, although I know the feature is part of it.

Sorry for the late response.

I found out that this is a known bug with resetting formatting upon table refresh. I have added your query to it.

OK, thanks.

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