Feature Request: Outlook msg file viewer

I’m new here and hopfully right in this part of the forum.
I’ve a setup with nextcloud connected to ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition.
Both fresh installed and working so far.
But I’m not able to take a look to *.msg files stored in my nextcloud folders and it seems not to be possible to check theses files with onlyoffice.
Does anyone know an easy way to build this feature?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @caustic

Unfortunately, this file format is not supported by Document Server.
The list of supported formats you can find here:

  • for Document Editor here;
  • for Spreadsheet Editor here;
  • for Presentation Editor here.

We have suggestion to add support of this file format registered in our internal system under the number 47579. However, we don’t have any approximate time frames for this implementation available yet.