[Feature request] Named range defining an axis in chart

I’d like to propose a feature in the spreadsheet editor which is working in Excel but not in OnlyOffice.

That is, if you define a named range using a formula (i.e. the actual range of cells depends on some inputs) you cannot currently use this named range to define the x- or y-axis in a chart.

You have population data from 1901 to 2023. Years in column A1:A123, population data in column B1:B123. You have another input in C1 called "show data until: ", so for example if you only want to show the data until 1989 in the chart then you put 1989 in C1.

In Excel you’d create a named range called “chosen_range” (for example) with a formula like =OFFSET($B$1,0,0,$C$1-$A$1) or in other words your range includes all the years in column B from the year 1901 until the year 1989. Then you create a chart where you use “chosen_range” as the data source. You end up with a chart showing the population until 1989. But now the user can also put in any other number in C1 and the x-axis on the chart will adjust accordingly, without having any empty space on the right

Currently if you save such a file in Excel and open it in OnlyOffice, it will not update the chart when you change anything in C1.

Hello @Keep4758
Could you please provide us with a file example where we can compare described behavior between editors?

Sure. I can’t upload files here as a new user but this is an example file:

In Excel you can change the year in C1 and the diagram will only show the data for the years from whatever is shown in C1. In OnlyOffice the diagram doesn’t change if you change C1.

Hello @Keep4758
Thank you for the file, we are checking the situation.

Hello @Keep4758
Thank you for the provided file. We have discovered a bug and we have started working on it.
I will update this thread when we release a fix.