Feature request: Insert Images inside cells

Hi there,

I really searched for something like this but couldn’t find another feature request for my problem.

A while ago I switched from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets for a few projects because they have the feature to insert an image into a cell an not just align it with the cell. Currently I am trying to get completly rid of Microsoft office and Google Office but there is a problem.


Only Office Spreadsheet does have a similar option which can move and resize an image with a cell but this is not the same.

What I would need is the following:

  • allow the insertion of an image inside a cell
  • allow the image to keep the aspect ratio
  • don’t allow the image to go over the border of a cell.

Maybe there’s a feature already implemented but I just couldn’t find anything like this.

I don’t know how hard it would be to implement such a feature or if anybody else is interested in such a feature. I really like onlyoffice as an alternative but this is sadly a deal-breaker for some of my tables.

Have a nice evening,

OS version: Manjaro Linux - Kernel: 6.1.38-1-MANJARO (64-bit)
App version: 7.4.0-1
Downloaded from: Manjaro Software Store - Package: onlyoffice-dektopeditors


We have the enhancement suggestion to add insert an image in the cell function or its equivalent to the table editor.
However, we do not have any estimated time frames of the release available yet.

I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused :roll_eyes:
I also sometimes want to have this function.
Thank you for evaluating our product! We really appreciate it. :hugs: