Feature Request: Add "copy slide" button to right click menu of presentation editor

When I write click on a slide I do not only want the option to duplicate it but also to explicitly copy it - so that new users realize the functionality is there

So I found out today that copying slides from one presentation to another is actually possible come after thinking it is not. the reason is that there was no button and you need to use the shortcuts.
The slide (or rather anything) also didn’t they appear in my clipboard GUI (kde plasma desktop) when copy pasted with the shortcut, so that also adds to the confusion. That is eventhough I am able to paste the slide into logseq (A markdown base note taking up) and get a low resolution base64 encoded image. That’s basically the kind of functionality I need ( though I would really prefer a proper image instead of the base64 encoding here) but it feels neither properly documented nor obvious from the onlyoffice GUI.

Hello @DonnerWolfBach

Please note that right-click on slide opens context menu that exclusively available for slide as a separate item, however, you still can interact with slides with regular Copy
, Cut
and Paste
buttons in Home tab. That way you can also copy a slide with a single click instead of opening content menu.

If you’d like to see a separate item in context menu when right-clicking a slide, e.g. Copy slide, please let me know if you’ve seen such possibility in any other editor for reference.

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