Export csv - numbers

Hello everybody,

on exporting a sheet to a csv-file I encountered a strange behavior with numbers. As you can see from the attached screenshots some of the currency values are somehow corrupted with a lot of trailing numbers after the decimal point…
As the csv file will be handed to a tax consultant the numbers need to be precise…

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Sorry, I just found out, I can’t upload or include the screenshots, so I’ll give an example:

In the original sheet the value is 34.8 displayed as 34,80 € (in German) - in the csv-file the same value is represented as 34.799999999999997 …

Thanks again

Hello @Dimpflmoser

This is the known bug number 32006. Unfortunately, right now we do not have estimated date of fix release.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks very much,

so hopefully it will be fixed in not to distant future, but I can live with it for the time being.

All the best wishes for the holiday season to all of you

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Hello again,

just tested the csv-export again to find the same problem with numbers - I guess that’s the reason for the messagebox which informs me that all but text-data will be lost.
As csv-data an important exchange format (for example to Datev), I’m quite curious if you have any plans for a patch - I guess that I’m not the only one who urgently waits for a fix. For us it is a question of whether we can use OO or not…
Thanks again

Hello @Dimpflmoser

We’ve found out that this issue is still reproducible with Euro currency cell format, for all others formats it was fixed already. Thanks for pointing on it, we are already working on this situation. We will try to fix this leftover as soon as possible.

Once again sorry for the inconvenience.