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Executing a 'post' request in callCommand will change to 'get'

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Document Server version: 7.3
Installation method: windows desktop
OS: win11
Browser version:

window.Asc.plugin.callCommand(() => {
fetch('', {method: "POST"});
// 1. Obtaining annotation content for multiple cells cannot be passed externally
// 2. The use of fetch (method="POST") in this will forcibly change to fetch (method="GET")

Hello @huzedong2022

Please elaborate on your usage scenario.

Can you provide an example of the command that you want to perform and what results you want to get?

I have developed a plugin to send some HTTP requests based on the selected data of cells.

But I found that all requests that were not GET methods ended up being GET methods

In general, the functionality of sending different types of requests is not limited by Document Server. However, it’s quite difficult to understand why this happens without an example. Can you provide more details about your plugin?


  1. Import this plugin using the desktop version

  2. Open plugin

  3. Press F1 to open the console, Network panel

  4. Click on the “Test1” and “Test2” buttons respectively to observe the request

I’ve downloaded the plugin. Running the first button results in:

POST 405
Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

However, the second button defines:

sdk-all.js:15863 ReferenceError: getGoogleData is not defined
    at eval (eval at B (sdk-all.js:15863), <anonymous>:4:5)
    at eval (eval at B (sdk-all.js:15863), <anonymous>:5:5)
    at eval (eval at B (sdk-all.js:15863), <anonymous>:6:3)
    at B (sdk-all.js:15863)

Do you receive the same errors? Please check it and share the screenshot, maybe I’ve done something wrong.


Sorry, there is an issue with the provided code. I have updated the examples. I think I forgot to isolate the environment when running the same code.

Thanks for the demo plugin.
I’m checking it and will provide feedback ASAP.

Is there any progress? Currently, I can only use GET requests, but there is a limit on the size of the GET

We are running some tests with your plugin and information it contains to see what’s the problem. I will let you know when we come up with something.

Hello again @huzedong2022

We have found out that this issue is only reproducible on Desktop Editors, thus we registered this behavior as a bug in our internal tracking system.
Thank you for submitting this report and sharing test plugin for analysis.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.