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Excuse me, is there any way to realize the bookmark content filling function?

At present, I have searched the API, and it seems that I haven’t found a function that can fill the contents of bookmarks. The effect I want to achieve is that when I open the document editor, there are some bookmarks on the document, such as “title”, “time”, etc. I want to pass the parameters to the corresponding position on the document to replace the parameters, so as to achieve similar effects, such as 20220726 test and 2022-07-26 replacement. Please also explain whether this function can be realized

版本号为:OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 7.1

Hello @lijunming930121
Please provide us with exact desired scenario. You can make screenshots\draw a scheme.
Do I understand it right that you are looking for methods to change bookmark names?
As for words replacing, please take a look at this plugin ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Plugin examples

Please clarify if I misunderstood your request.