Excel to PDF lost footer information

My Office Version:
I have an excel document and set up footer information. When I converted it to pdf through office, I found that footer information was missing in the generated pdf.

1.My source file, opened through Microsoft Office2021

2.Use onlyoffice to convert to a pdf file,found that the footer does not show any information

Hello @xiaotuyun

Is it possible to provide test spreadsheet where this issue is reproducible? Do I understand correctly that footer was added via Excel? Please share some more information:

  • how footer was added;
  • how exactly you are converting document via ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Thanks for the reply。

  1. I set up the footer information on my local computer via office2021,Then upload the word file to the server and convert word to pdf via onlyoffice/ConvertService.ashx。Practice found that there is no problem with converting word to pdf, only excel to pdf loses footer information
  2. I can provide my excel to you。I’ve uploaded my excel, see if you can download it
  3. I opened excel by using the official demo, saved as a pdf file, and also lost the footer information
    test.XLSX (14.5 KB)

Thanks, we will check out this file. Once we get any news, I will inform you.

Hello again @xiaotuyun

We have registered a bug on this behavior with missing footer when exporting your to PDF or printing it. Work is already in progress so we will surely inform you once this issue is fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you

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