Evolution request: update files icons to make them more readable in the file browser

Currently, when you have a small screen with a big resolution and that you use the “detailed list” display mode in the file explorer, it’s very hard to distinguish what kind of file is in a folder.
That’s because only a small part of the icon is coloured, moreover with light colours:

I might be wrong but I think it was the same with LO and in version 7.5 then changed the icon set for a more contrasted one.
Would it be possible for you to consider such a change ?
My (not so old yet) eyes thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @arcqus
We will discuss it internally. Meanwhile, could you please let us know your screen resolution and OS scaling settings?

OS : win11

Thank you, I will update this thread when we have something to share.

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Hello @arcqus
We have added your request to internal tracksystem (internal number - 61826). We have started working on it.

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