Evolution request - spreadsheet - by default, display the sorting options in the personalized sorting window

Hi all,

Today, in the spreadsheet editor, when you want to make a personalised sorting, you open the dedicated pop-up.
To access the sorting options, you have to open a second pup-up where the options are “hidden”.
In my opinion, it would be more productive to directly display the sorting options (for instance, bellow the “new / copy” buttons).
You would save clicks without cluttering too much the UI.
Thanks !

Hello @arcqus
Do I understand the idea right, that you want to move ‘Orientation’ and ‘my data has headers’ checkboxes from separate Option menu to the main ‘Sort’ menu?

Hi @Alexandre
Yes indeed.

Thank you, we will discuss this suggestion internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

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