Evolution - Add the possibility to use doted lines for table borders

Currently, if I’m right, you can only change the thickness of table borders.
It would be nice to add the possibility to use dotted lines for table borders (as a teacher, it’s useful for me to indicated where to cut for my pupils.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @arcqus
Do I understand it right that you suggest a new border style for this parameter?

That’s the idea.
In LO for instance, there are 2 different parameters : one for the border’s thickness, one for the border’s style, which allows to choose the type of doted lines : image

Thanks a lot.

Understood, thank you for your description! We need some time to discus it internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

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Hello @arcqus
We’ve added your request to internal tracksystem (internal number - 13242). We are working on it already.

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hello,I would like you to take the wavy lines into account in your execution

Hello @AAA
Your request has been added to mentioned #13242. We’re working on it already.