Evolution - Add horizontal scroll when CTRL is pressed

In a lot of apps, when you scroll with the mouse wheel while CTRL is pressed, the it’s no longer a vertical scroll but an horizontal one, and it’s really handy.
It would be nice to have it in OO.

Hello @arcqus

I would like to inform you that horizontal scrolling in ONLYOFFICE is only available in the spreadsheet editors. To do so, you can hold down the SHIFT key and scroll up or down using your mouse. For more information on keyboard shortcuts, please visit the following link in the ONLYOFFICE Help Center: Keyboard Shortcuts - ONLYOFFICE

Hi Russel

It’s nice to have it in the spreadsheet editor…
But it would be nice to have it too at least in the presentation editor.
On laptop screens, when you have left and right-side panels displays, sometimes you don’t see the whole slide and horizontal scrolling is a nice feature to have.
Could it be possible to add it as an evolution request ?
Thanks !

Hello @arcqus!

We would like to inform you that we have taken into consideration your proposal regarding the addition of horizontal scroll in the presentation editor. At the moment, we are reviewing the possibility of implementing this feature. Please be assured that we will keep you updated on any further developments.

Thank you for your suggestion and for your interest in our product.

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Hello @arcqus

I want to inform you that we have registered your suggestion in our internal tracker under the number 61433.
Worth mentioning that you cannot scroll the slide in MS PowerPoint either, so we will consider implementing this suggestion in one of the future releases of Desktop Editors.

I’m pretty sure it’s working this way on MSO, for two reasons:

  1. I used it a lot on my previous computer (MSO 2016)
  2. I just checked on live.com, and PPT only has this feature (so I doubt the online has functionality the windows version does not :-))

BTW, benchmarkingly-speaking, LO also has this functionality.

Anyway, thanks for having added it in your internal tracker !