Errors in reading doc files and a problem to edit a footer

When trying to open a doc/docx file, some elements are not displayed correctly. And I have a problem to edit the footer in my document - write any text in the line “разраб” (see the video).

ошибки.docx (82.6 KB)
I have the latest OnlyOffice Dectop Edition on Win10.

Hello @Prikolist2022

Please specify to which elements exactly you are referring to.

Generally, text can be inserted there but I’m not sure that such objects are intended to be placed in headers/footers. Do you have any suggestions on possible solution?

I like how they do it in FreeOffice

Thank you very much for detailed information and additional comparison video.
We are taking look at these problems. I will update thread once we get any results on them.

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I’d like to inform you that we have registered several display bugs based on the provided document and also an issue on section marker that can cover editable area in header/footer.

Thank you for reporting these issues.

Great) Should I wait some fixes soon?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any estimated dates for the resolution of these issues.

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