Error while moving files/folders inside WebDAV-connected storage

Hello! Is there any possibility to move files/folders inside a WebDAV-connected storage on the portal? I’ve got “Error while moving” every time I try, and it’s already a second installation with the same behaviour. Connecting to WebDAV itself by any windows client and moving files/folders through it goes fine, moving works, WebDAV server ok (user, permissions etc.).

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Document Server version:
Type of installation of the Document Server: docker
OS: Windows 10
Browser version: Google Chrome 109.0.5414.120

Hello @Unicron

What WebDAV storage is used?
Also, please provide information about versions of the components of your portal. Open Control Panel go to Update tab and make a screenshot of it.

Hi, Constantine

WebDAV IIS-based (WindowsServer 2019, IIS 10.0.17763.1)
Control Panel version is
Community Server version is
and, as I mentioned above,
Document Server version is

Second installation versions:
WebDAV IIS-based (WindowsServer 2012R2, IIS 8.5.9600.16384)
Control Panel version is
Community Server version is
Document Server version is

Thanks. We will check the situation.
I will update this thread once any news come up.

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