Error when I try to push GO TO TEST EXAMPLE button

I deployed onlyOffice version using Docker,When I visited the homepage and clicked on the GO TO TEST EXAMPLE button,there is a error page,
sorry,because using the company’s private network,I can’t put a screenshot,
My docker common like this:
docker run -i -t -d -p 8090:80 --restart=always -e JWT__SECRET=my_jwt_secret onlyoffice/documentserver

the error like this:

Can you give me some help and advice?thanks
system:ubuntu 20.4.1 LTS

Hi @rookie :handshake:

I assume that you didn’t start the example before clicking the

I am attaching a screenshot. :upside_down_face:

thank you :rofl:

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another question,when i upload XML file ,the error message :
Upload error:ErrorCode=9
Please select another file and try again

After I clicked the Cancel button, the page refreshed, but the file has already been uploaded

Can I ask you to attach a file to your response?

Let’s check your situation!
I believe the issue lies with the file, more specifically, either in the file extension or its content.

The webpage seems to be unable to upload XML files or compressed files, so I have sent you an email and attached the file that caused the error in the attachment


Did you send it to me?
to what email address?

Add it to this topic, and I will take a look!


Or tell me your email address, and I will send it to you again

You can write to me in private messages or attach the file to this thread on the forum.