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Error when download url is in a s3 bucket

Hello !

I’m looking for a solution like OnlyOffice for a client.
So I’m actually trying OnlyOffice, that’s my favorite but I have an annoying error.

I’m running with Document Server in docker.
And the web application is made with React/NextJS, when I want to open a file, I have the following error : Download failed.

When I go on the server logs, I have :
nodeJS - error downloadFile:url=https://***/test.docx;attempt=3;code:undefined;connect:undefined Error: Error response: statusCode:400; headers:{“x-amz-request-id”:"",“x-amz-id-2”:"",“content-type”:“application/xml”,“transfer-encoding”:“chunked”,“date”:“Wed, 18 Jan 2023 16:06:21 GMT”,“server”:“AmazonS3”,“connection”:“close”};

The file is open access with my s3 bucket, the CORS config is * and I tried to download the file with curl within the docker container and its working.

I really don’t understand why I get this error, can someone help me ?


Hello @KylianBrun
Do I understand it right that there’s no any authentication on the storage (s3) side? It’s important thing so Document server could be able to take a file. You can run a simple test, copy\paste url to the file to your browser tab. If you are able to download the file, most likely Document server can do it too.
Also please check mutual availability between servers with wget\telnet commands. If it doesn’t help, please reproduce the issue and provide us with whole Document server logs folder (by the way, please let us know your Document server version).

Hello @Alexandre !

Thanks for you reply !

Yes, the authentication is disabled for this bucket/item.
I tried to wget the file with the same link inside the VM and it’s working.
I also tried to wget the file inside the docker container and it’s working too.

This is the full error, I have this error each time I try to open the editor

This is on version :

I’ve taken url to the file from your log and pasted it to browser. File is available. Are there any error entries in out.log file of docservice folder?
Also please reproduce the issue with open browser console (F12 in Google Chrome). Please check ‘Console’ and ‘Network’ tabs > make screenshots of any error entries.