Error when connect to nextcloud


I struggled for 2 days but cannot connect Document edit service to Nextcloud, here’s my settings:

Onlyoffice Workspace community for Windows Server 2019, version, it works great!
Portal IP:
Document edit service IP:

Nextcloud on VM, 29.0,
Onlyoffice(connector) 9.3.0

I filled like this photo but alwasy reports error

Hello, please clarify, do you mean that you use ONLYOFFICE Workspace and are trying to connect Document Server within it with Nextcloud?

yes, is it possible?

ONLYOFFICE Workspace includes its own document storage and management system, that is why it cannot be connected in such way. ONLYOFFICE Docs is the product which does not have those, therefore you can connect it to Nextcloud as well as other document management systems.

Thanks a lot for clarifying this, yes I see the Workspace has its own document storage, the only reason we need Nextcloud is previewing some files like AI, STP, DWG etc, if Workspace could add this function in the future it will be great.

For now I have to install one more docker for Docs.

You are welcome. Yes, unfortunately, for such integration for now you need to have separate Docs installed. Thank you for your feedback