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Error The table files_tag_temporary is full

When entering the platform it is showing me the following error:
The table files_tag_temporary is full.

We have the implementation of OnlyOffice Workspace with Digital Ocean

Hello @NathalySuarez_25
Please reproduce the situation and make a screenshot. Do I understand it right that portal works well except that pop-up message?
Also please let us know your current Workspace components versions (Community server, Control Panel, etc.) and provide us with whole Community server logs folder. It’s located here:

Thank you, to solve the error we managed to get a backup in digital ocean and an hour later everything was damaged we had to configure everything from scratch but we managed to recover the information

We are glad that the issue is solved, but the issue scenario isn’t clear for me.
Please notify us if you face the same situation again. We will need to take a closer look at it.