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Error: the document could not be saved

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For bug reports, provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem:
Document Server version: 7.3.2
Connector version: ONLYOFFICE Connector for HumHub 2.4.0
DMS (platform) version:
Browser version: Chrome
Attach logs if possible.

Whenever a document is created, every single time i get this error:
“the document could not be saved”.

Details included here:

Hello @shrey
When did the issue start? From the first day of Document server integration?
Please go to connector app page > click ‘Submit’ and show us the result.

Also please check mutual availability between servers with wget command. Go to HumHub server and run wget http://document_server_domain name. And vice versa.

One more thing. I see only a few lines of log in your link. Is it possible to reproduce the issue and provide us with whole logs folder?


I tried again by adding the full server addresses to the optional fields in the HumHub connector config (Server address for internal requests).

The initial error popup seems to have resolved now.

Please clarify if there’re any other issues with HumHub integration.

Not facing any other issues, for now.

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