Error server name when attach big files in Email

I found a very strange error (maybe this isn’t an error but feature, LOL)
I need to send a big file via email and use Send by email menu.

After that I point to attach the file as a link.

And then I send it.

But when I get it inside the recipient mailbox I can see that the link is incorrect. It contains a very strange address https://413b7406c416/Products/Files/DocEditor.aspx? which starts with 413b7406c416 instead of correct domain name like

As a result the link cannot be opened.

But in the same time if use another scenario and create email firstly and then attach file from document it works correctly and the system is formatting the right link with correct domain name

Hello @sastor
Please clarify if you use ONLYOFFICE Mail server or external one to send letters in described scenario.

This is OnlyOffice Mail from OnlyOffice Workspace

Thank you for your description. We are checking the situation.

Hello @sastor
We have reproduced the situation and we added a bug to internal tracksystem (internal number - 58373). We have started working on it.
Thank you for valuable data!