Error Opening File When Not Found in Cache

I am encountering an issue with OnlyOffice where an error occurs when a file is not found in the cache. The system is supposed to fetch the file from a specified URL if it’s not in the cache, but instead, it shows an error while opening the file.

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Would you like to have a more detailed description of the problem in a popup window when an error occurs?

Hi @Nikolas

Thanks for the reply

When opening the file, a folder will be created in the cache based on the key. After 24 hours, the respective folder will be deleted. However, sometimes only the files within the folder are deleted, leaving some media files still present. If I open the file from the editor, it shows an error.

Hey @subbu

Did you use your own integration with the Document Server or an existing one?
Please also specify the version of the Document Server.

Please provide the logs after reproducing this error:


  • How did you determine that the issue is related to the cache?
  • What error appears in the browser console?
  • Could I ask you for a scenario to reproduce the issue and the file?

Hi @Nikolas
Currently, the bug could not be replicated. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

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