Error opening DOCX/XLSX editor

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Document Server version: 8.0
OS: Ubuntu
Browser version: Firefox latest, Chrome latest

On a newly installed Onlyoffice server, using the testing area I uploaded a word document, and the editor displayed the following message:

What am i doing wrong?

Please provide the following info:
Document Server logs (/var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver, for Docker inside the container)

Hi @DmitriiV Follow the requested logs: onlyoffice_logs, thanks in advance.

Please provide the following additional info:

  1. Are you using internal or external rabbitmq?
  2. Screenshot of rabbitmq-server status command’s output
  3. Screenshot of netstat -tulpn | grep 5672 command’s output
  4. Rabbitmq log: /var/log/rabbitmq

1 → Internal

2 → Rabbitmq Status:
Rabbitmq status

3 → Netstat screenshot

4 → Rabbitmq logs

Rabbitmq log

Please reproduce the problem once again and send us new Document Server logs