Error from OnlyOffice version 7.5.0 onwards, on all Kyocera TASKalfa printers

In our company we have a large majority of Kyocera TASKalfa printers (various models) in which from version 7.5.0 onwards we are having printing problems sending the printouts to the auxiliary tray. The printer technician says that the problem may be that the application sends the size of the sheet and not the type (A4, A3).

En nuestra empresacontamos con una gran mayoria de impresoras de la marca Kyocera TASKalfa(varios modelos) en las cuales a partir de la version 7.5.0 nos genera problemas de impresion enviando las impresiones a la bandeja auxiliar.El tecnico de la impresora dice que el problema puede estar en que la aplicacion envia la medida de la hoja y no el tipo (A4,A3).

Hello @Man.Ribera.Alta
Sorry for the late reply.
Could you please provide us with details on the situation? Please describe it step-by-step, as detailed as possible. You can record a video file or make screenshots.
Additionally, please confirm that the situation reproduces on the latest version of Desktop Editors (v.8.0.1)

hello @Alexandre
Our company works with Kyocera TASKalfa printers (various models). We have always been able to print correctly and directly from OnlyOffice (file>print) but since version 7.5.0 onwards this has not been the case (it also happens in version 8.0.1) the printer sends the sheets to the auxiliary tray. We have spoken to the printer technician to rule out possible problems with the printer and he tells us that the problem may be that the application sends the size of the sheet and not the type of sheet (A4, A3).
As a temporary solution we have installed OnlyOffice version 7.4.1.Since in this version and earlier, the problems with the printer disappear.

Hello @Man.Ribera.Alta
We need additional information about the situation. If it’s possible, please record a video file while you’re reproducing the situation.
Additionally, we need the information about:

  • exact OS version;
  • screenshots of printer settings in the OS itself;