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Error accessing an xlsx file with Safari 14.1.2

Browser version: Safari 14.1.2

Error opening a xlsx file, here are screenshots :


Hello sletz.

Is the issue reproduced with only one specific file? Or all xlsx files?

If the issue is related to one file please provide us with it. If the file contains confidential information, you can remove it or replace all sensitive info with gibberish. After that check that issue still repeats and attach the file to your reply.

Also please provide additional information about your installation. As far as I understand, you are using Nextcloud as a storage. Do you use separate Document Server or may be any cloud solution (for example, ‘demo ONLYOFFICE Docs server’ enabled in connector settings)?

General questions:

  1. Version of Nextcloud, version of connector.
  2. Please provide us with example of the file where the issue is reproduced.

In case of using standalone Document server:

  1. OS of the server where ONLYOFFICE Document Server is installed.

  2. Type of installation of Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe).

  3. Version of Document server.

  4. How you performed installation, point me to the guide you used.

Thanks for your answer. The issue happens with all files I can test. I will redirect our provider with your questions, or ask him to answer directly on this thread.
To complete: the same files were working some weeks ago, so this could be linked to an update of Safari.

While we are waiting for information about the installation, could you please go to Nextcloud and share an example of the file where the issue is reproducible via external link (file > details > sharing)? In this case we’ll try to reproduce the issue.

Do you mean sharing a file with the issue by making it “public” on our Nextcloud based server? Or putting it in a special public location? (if yes then can you explain that ? )

Here is a test file: Nextcloud
Tested on Safari version 14.1.2 (16611. on macOS Big Sur 11.5.2

We are using nextcloud version 20.0.11

OnlyOffice connector version 7.1.2

We use the Community Document server integrated with nextcloud.

Best regards

Thomas C

Hello @sletz and @thomasc.

Thank you for provided file and information.

The issue is reproduced on Safari 13.1.1 (macOS Catalina 10.15). Also I noticed that you are using an old version of Document server (v.6.3.1) and incorrect version of the connector (v.7.1.2)

Please check it out:

Since connector v.7.0 Nextcloud 19\20 is no longer supported.

Before continuing to test the situation, I suggest you to update Document server and Nextcloud (or use older version of connector for Nextcloud 20 - v.6.4).

Thus, we will check whether the use of old versions apps affects the situation.

My bad, i was not looking at the correct nextcloud instance.

we are using connector v 7.1.2

Community Document Server (included in nextcloud)

the correct nextcloud version is 21.0.3

Best regards

I will try next week to install a standalone version of Document version

Oh, now I got it. Sorry, the information about our connector version confused me earlier. Please note if you are using Community Document Server app that you should know that it’s not our app. We have a description here: Community Document Server app in Nextcloud 18

So yes, please deploy standalone Document server and use our official connector to integrate it with your Nextcloud ONLYOFFICE - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

After that please check the situation again.