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Equation shortcut in documents (German Keyboard)

unfortunately the general keyboard shortcut Alt + = does not work,
because on a German keyboard the = sign must be written via Shift + 0.
I am looking for a way to somehow start an equation with a keyboard shortcut anyway.
Unfortunately I didn’t find anything in the API documentation either. Is there a command for equations or is it possible to realize another keyboard shortcut to call an equation with a macro.

I would be happy if someone has an idea or if someone from the OnlyOffice support team is reading and maybe a possibility will be created in a future version.


OS version: Windows 10 (21H2 19044.2075)
App version: (64-bit)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hello @mattwill
Please describe the situation. Do you mean that physical German keyboard incorrectly uses Alt+= shortcut in docx files? If it’s possible please reproduce the situation and make a videofile.

Hello Alexandre,

thank you for your answer.
I made a video showing the difference between the English and German keyboard layouts when using the keyboard shortcut.

The same problem was also raised here.
other Forum

I think that the extra shift key is the problem.


Thank you for provided videofile, we are checking the situation

Hello @mattwill
Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We added a bug to internal tracksystem (59330).
We have started working on it.

Hello @Alexandre,
thank you very much for taking care of it so quickly.
I hope for a future version.

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