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Enterprise Trial mode cannot be edited on mobile

Enterprise Edition trial mode pc can preview and edit
However, when switching to the mobile terminal, you can only preview, but not edit. The corresponding parameter config is displayed on the left

Hello @LCH
It’s a little bit strange. I don’t see ‘Edit’ button on your screenshot. Please clarify version of your Document server. Also please point us to installation guide which you used.
One more thing, please reproduce the issue (step-by-step) and make a videofile.

The version I downloaded is 7.1.1. I wonder why there is a prompt in the picture when it is clearly the trial mode of enterprise edition

According to this screenshot, you have installed open-source version of Document server. Open-source version can’t read the license file. Also it doesn’t have the mobile editor feature.

Please double-check your installation. If it’s necessary, re-install document server. Official guides for Enterprise edition:

One more thing. V.7.1 is outdated. You have to use the latest version - v.7.2.1

Okay, thank you. I’ll try again

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Fine I will check on the latest version

Hello @pempakolian123
Did you face the same issue as topic starter? If you still need a help, please provide us with details.