Endnotes disappear after conversion from Footnotes

I tried it with several documents on the latest OnlyOffice online (on NextCloud). Everytime I convert footnotes into endnotes they disappears. Any help please?

Just noticed the same happens on the offline version of OnlyOffice too.

Hello @Rucbah

Do you perform the conversion like this Convert footnotes and endnotes - ONLYOFFICE?
If not, please describe the process you follow step by step.

Additionally, if possible please share a test file for analysis so that we could reproduce the issue based on the provided scenario.

Yes I used the " Convert all Endnotes to Footnotes" menu item. How can I share a document? any chance to get an email address rather than showing the link here?

I have raised your trust level to that you can share files here. You can send it to me via PM.

Thanks, I sent you a PM.

Thanks, I was able to get the files. We are checking the situation, I will provide feedback once we get any results.

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

We were able to reproduce the issue and I have to inform you that this behavior is a bug. We have started working on it, once it is fixed we will notify you.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks a lot for confirming this and hope you can let me know when the issue is fixed.

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Any update on this topic?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates yet.

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