Encryption of filenames / metadata in Private Room


I noticed I could see folder names and filenames in private rooms using a client known not to support e2ee.

I’d like to make a feature request for end-to-end encryption of filenames and other metadata about files and folders in private rooms.


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Could I kindly ask you to provide more details about your suggestion? Perhaps, you could include examples of applications that have storage capabilities and allow encrypting data about folders.

Additionally, here is a link regarding the use of private rooms in OnlyOffice: Private Room works via the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

Hi Nikolas,

I don’t have suggestions for the implementation but I understand it may be infeasible as currently designed and possibly a difficult thing to design around in general.

I assumed Cryptpad did e2ee for filenames but I just searched and couldn’t find anything about that.


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We will consider the feasibility of implementing your suggestion. I will follow up on this post with additional information as soon as it becomes available. :handshake:

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Hey @alexsapps :slight_smile:

We’ve included your suggestion in the list of potential new features for future implementation.

As mentioned earlier, if it gets prioritized for development, this feature will initially be introduced for DocSpace.

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