Encrypted at Rest - Cloud Offering?

Hi All, I am a new user to OnlyOffice and am looking to change from Google Drive/Workspace subscription. What i do not understand is whether OnlyOffice offers encryption at rest on any of there cloud offerings?

It says it offers “Encryption at Rest” and then says its only for server versions.

Does this mean you have to host onlyoffice on a server on premises to get encryption at rest or can you have encryption at rest in a cloud offering as well. If you can have it on a cloud offering are there any ‘one click’ solutions? I do not want to have to host it on a AWS server for instance and be responsible for the updates and to ensure everything is setup correctly.

I was considering NextCloud or KCloud as I see they have compatability with OnlyOffice but I am not sure if these are suitable either and just wanted to ensure OnlyOffice did not have a solution/ offering for this first?


Hello @Dukey

Just to make it clearer, please point where did you find this information? A link to the source would be perfect.

By the way, do I understand correctly that you are talking about ONLYOFFICE Docs?