Enabling Inter-plugin Communication in OnlyOffice Plugins

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Installation method: Docker
OS: Linux
Browser version: Chromium: 114.0.5735.19

Hey guys. Is there any way for one plugin to communicate with another?

For example: If I have a plugin that runs on the system and in a certain context I want it to open the modal of another plugin.

I tried using ShowWindow method but that doesn’t work because it doesn’t load the plugin of the window I want to open.

hello @Ryan

Running plugins from plugins is not implemented.

At the moment, this is the first mention of such functionality.
It would be great to gather more votes on the forum among users in favor of promoting this idea.

I would also be grateful if you have any other cases.

Also, if you have an example of a plugin that you can share, we, like other users, would appreciate it.