Enable Support for Video Playback in ONLYOFFICE Community Edition

Is it possible to enable support for video playback in ONLYOFFICE community edition?

In my case, I need to run a video that is inside a PPTX presentation.

Running document-server with docker on linux.

hey @Fernando :handshake:
Please record a video of the issue if it can be reproduced. If the problem occurs within a file, please attach the file as well.

Remember, the more information you provide regarding the issue/suggestion/bug, the easier it is to resolve/understand it.

Please, be clear in the description of your request and provide as many details as possible.

Hello Nikolas! When I include a PPTX document that has a video on one of the slides, I don’t see how to play the video, since it appears as an image.

In the cache files, there are the generated media files, .mp4 and .jpg relating to the video.

In my case, I would like to know if there is a playback feature to play videos within PPTX running on a document-server in docker. It’s possible?

Running Onlyoffice Document Server Community Edition (Docker).

Hello @Fernando

Currently, there is no possibility play videos in the web editors. We have the enhancement suggestion to add this possibility.
However, there is no estimated date of the release of this feature.

The video in the presentation editor works only on Desktop editors.

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