Empty list of Nextcloud files in Desktop editor

Hello, Desktop Editor list no files, just after it has been connected to Nextcloud.
It was working fine before the upgrade to NC 25.

Note this NC release has changed lot UI stuff. May I guess some UI elements Desktop editor app was looking for are no longer present in Nextcloud.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (flatpak package)
Nextcloud 25.0.0
Nextcloud onlyoffice app 7.6.8

Hello @pkud

We were successful in reproducing this issue.
I have addressed it to our team and we are working on it.

I will keep you posted about any results.


We have created a bug report number 59669 about this issue.
Unfortunately, right now there is no estimated date of the fix release.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

thanks for this quick answer.

I have same issue, where I 'll can see,that bug is fixed? (Debian11,Linux desktop editor 7.3.0). There are no problems on Windows version of this editor.

Hello @CAHEKs

Unfortunately, all bugs are contained in our private bug tracker that cannot be accessed publicly.
We will notify you when fix is released.

I would be interested as well for the Linux version of Desktop Editors, which shows a blank page on Nextcloud connected cloud (I’m running v. of DE and my Linux is Zorin OS 16.2 x64)
Wine isn’t completely my friend :yum:

Hello @infocilla

Indeed, we are aware of this bug affects this OS too.
Thank you for feedback.

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