Embedded photos not oriented right when printed

I embedded images jpg into doc file. The images had never been edited before embed. When I print the file, the images are oriented 90 degrees from what they should be. Although the images of not oriented right, the text is placed correctly. This only occurs with onlyoffice and is not a problem with the printer setting.

What do you advise?

Document Server version: 7.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
Browser version: Brave 1.38.119

Could you please attach an example file?

I uploaded screen shots of the document in the editor, and also a screen shot of the print preview the latter depicting the problem of uncommanded rotation of the images. (I don’t see a way to attach a file to the posts, only an image file or a hyperlink??)

If I open the onlyoffice file in MSWord, the problem persists.

For a test, I composed the exact same file features in MS Word and did not have the problem.

Note that I’m only allowed by this forum to embed one image in my post.

What do you advise?

Thank you

Could you please provide an example document you reproduce the issue with?

how to attach files other than image or hyperlink???
Hi there, As far as attaching a *.docx file, I see no icon or mechanism to atach other than image file or hyperlink. Sorry to be troublesome but the forum restrictions and features cause me to be less productive, including not finding a way to attach as readily as other forums.

I attach a screenshot of the doc (top image above) produced in MSWord using the same functions and WYSIWYG printing exactly as shown on the edit window of Word.

I increased your trust level so you should be able to attach files now.

I still don’t see any new icons, or icons depicting file attachment, except for the “upload” icon which still does not recognize file that are not ‘images’ (jpg, etc.)

The forum has as many obstacles as the onlyoffice application.

This is the file created in MSWord
This is the file created in OnlyOffice docs

Click on the links above

Hello, Thank you for providing the files.
We are analyzing this issue, I will inform you with updates as soon as possible

Hello again,
We have registered this issue as a Bug (46717) in our internal system, we will fix it in one of our next updates.
Sorry for the inconvenience, if you have more questions, feel free to ask!