Email notification on Automatic Backup completion

Running Workspace on Centos 7.
Automatic backup feature works fine, although, there are no email notifications about backup completion.
When I performed manual backup from ctl.panel, I’ve received email about backup completion.
Is there chance to receive email for automatic backups also or I’m missing something?
Thank you.

Hello @vedran.milicevic
Please let us know portal component versions (Community server, Control Panel, etc.). Also point us to the guide which you used for the portal installation.

my version is
Control Panel version is
I’ve used automatic installation script

Please go to the host and run systemctl restart onlyofficeNotify and check if the issue still persists. If so, please provide us with whole Community server logs folder. It’s located here: /var/log/onlyoffice/

NB! Usually we recommend to prepare whole server backup before server side actions just in case.