Editors_helper.exe not exiting

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OS version: Windows 10 22H2 build 19045.4170
App version: x64
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hi, most of the time when I close down the OO desktop editor, editors_helper.exe remains running in the background. I can tell because it’s using more than average CPU so I hear my fans spinning higher than normal.

This seems to have started with the latest version of the desktop editors.

Terminating the task “fixes” the issue until next time I open the editor.

I usually use the editor for spreadsheets, and nothing complicated at that.


Hello @charles
I’ve tried to reproduce the situation, but without success. In my tests editors_helper processes ended almost instantly after closing the app. Could you please reproduce the situation with Task manager open (in the search field, please enter ‘editor’) and record a video file?

Hi, with some experimentation, it appears that if you open the editor with a doc, then more or less immediately close it, the editors_helper.exe unloads.

If, however, you leave the editor open for “a while”, in this case an hour or two, then when I closed it, editors_helper.exe remained running.

Obviously I can’t create a video of this, but I can provide a simple screenshot showing editors_helper.exe still running.

Thank you for the provided details, we are looking into it.
I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @charles
Could you please run one more test? Please download this tool to get process logs: Process Monitor - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn
Please follow my steps:

Please send us the final log file.